'Nanook of the North' - 16 Jan na FBAUP

"Nanook of the North is a documentary milestone because it reveals the filmmaker as much as it does his subjects. Flaherty captured aesthetically what he felt was the essence of Eskimo life --the unrelenting struggle to secure food and shelter. The elemental nature of this struggle was enobling and gave their lives a purity and transcendance. We see this through the prism of Flaherty's romantic sensibility that finds the same timeless beauty in the desolate, unforgiving landscape and in the worn, happy face of Nanook." SFS

2ª Sessão Ciclo Cinema Documental

"Nanook of the North"
"Nanook, o Esquimó"

de Robert J. Flaherty
com Allakariallak (Nanook)
IMDb, YouTube

Quarta às 18h na Aula Magna da FBAUP

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